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Soybean Wax Candles


At CandleLight Treasures we take great pride in all our products!  We handpour each of our container candles one at a time.   Our container candles are made with soybean wax which is a natural wax.  The only soy wax we use is made with soybeans grown here in the USA.


Soy Wax is biodegradeable, earth friendly and environmentally safe, it is also water soluble which makes cleaning out your container a little easier so you can reuse your container for other purposes. 


Soy wax burns cooler than other waxes, this means your candles will burn longer than other types of wax candles.  To ensure a good burn time with your candle you should always light your candle and burn it no more than 4 hours at a time and candle may last longer.  Also, you should always let the candle liquify completly to the edges of the container.  By doing this your candle will burn down evenly to the bottom.  There are other variables that affect the burn times of each candle such as color, fragrance and drafts, etc.


Soy candles are also extremly sensitive to temperature and light.  Soybean candles tend to turn color or "frost" this is a normal characteristic of soybean wax and will not affect the burning of your candle.  After burning your candle you may notice a white ring at the bottom of the melt pool.  This happens more with dark colored candles.  No need to worry, it's normal with soy wax.  You may notice "sweat" on the top of your candle, this can happen with temperature changes, especially in the summer months.  No need to wipe it off this will soak back into the candle.


Soy wax tends to have "flaky" tops, not to worry!  It's just another "normal" characteristic of soy wax!


Soy wax has a good "scent throw" both cold and while burning!


We hope you enjoy your candle as much as we have making them!





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